Tech Note: Taber Abraser Test Results

May 3, 2004 – Santa Ana, Ca.- Coatings tests resulting in qualitative and quantitative measurements of performance, with and without VitroCo’s natural additives were performed by ACT Laboratories Automotive Testing Division. Automotive grade OEM paint was supplied for the testing by a major North American paint & coatings manufacturer. Physical, chemical and environmental test standards and methods for high performance paints have been employed in the testing matrix. The following reported results are only a portion of the results, as some of the test regimes are continuing and will be reported upon completion.

To date, the most significant results from this work were recorded on the Taber Abraser test which demonstrated a combined 23.4% increase in cycles/mil of coating removed with the Vitrocote® F present in the topcoat and Vitrocote® S in the basecoat. Testing was performed in triplicate and data were averaged.

Taber Abraser Test – ASTM D 4060-01
OEM Automotive grade: Basecoat H2O based Polyester/Acrylic – Topcoat, High Bake Polyurethane

These results indicate a significant improvement in abrasion resistance as measured by the Taber method. Additional testing of various physical properties by several different methods will be reported in an updated Technical Note as the data becomes available. Results arecontinuing to demonstrate that the Vitrocote® technology will be well received by the paint & coatingsindustry during commercialization phases currently underway.

VitroCo is ISO 9001:2000 registered.

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