What can Vitrolite® do?

Reduce formulation costs:

  • Increased dispersion allows a lower concentration of functional additives and pigments to achieve the desired effect

Reduce energy usage:

  • Less energy per production unit

Reduce equipment maintenance costs:

  • Reduction or elimination of equipment teardown for cleaning

Increase productivity:

  • More production from the same equipment
  • Increased compounding and extrusion throughput
  • Shorter injection molding cycle times
  • Reduction of rejects
  • Faster color changeovers

Vitrolite® is a naturally occurring mineral and with concentrations of less than 0.5% has a profound effect on polymer melts.  Vitrolite® is effective in reducing polymer melt viscosity without adversely affecting the finished polymer mechanical properties.

Vitrolite is not known to chemically interact with polymers or additives, and has been widely used in the polymer industry. It is not essentially inert but it is stable (millions of years in age) and does not change its effect upon multiple uses (e.g., compounding followed by molding).

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased production rates for polymer processing ranging from 10% to more than 40%
  • Lower polymer formulation costs because Vitrolite improves dispersion and distribution of additives/
  • Less variation in molding properties of thermoplastic melts as function of lot to lot molecular weight variation.
  • Reduction in melt temperature lessening thermal degradation effects and improving physical and mechanical properties of finished polymer

Vitrolite® is:

  • A natural, multi-functional performance additive for processing of all plastics
  • An amorphous aluminosilicate powder prepared by proprietary, non-chemical methods
  • Safe to use
    • Non-toxic, inert, nonflammable
    • Approved for medical, food- and watercontact and electrical applications
    • Does not alter or degrade polymer
  • Abundant supply (Mine reserves of about 2 billion pounds in California mines)

Vitrolite presentations

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