Vitrolite improves pigment dispersion and production rate increases. It can also be used to disperse other additives such as lubricants and flame retardants.


  1. Select a concentrate with a single pigment with high cost
  2. Produce the concentrate with standard formulation and operating conditions
    • Stabilize the process at maximum output
    • Increase the feed, keeping all other parameters un-touched
    • Continue feeding until the extruder floods or torque increasesexcessively
    • Measure the output and stabilize the process, making acceptable product
  3. Prepare the standard formula with 0.5% total formula weight with Vitrolite
    • Repeat step 2 a, b, c, and d
  4. Prepare at least three standard batches with 0.5% Vitrolite and less pigment
    • 5% less pigment
    • 10% less pigment
    • 15% less pigment
  5. If time allows the output increase can be determined for the pigment reduce batch that meets requirements

Proof was conducted on a WP twin screw extruder, 25 mm co-rotating with a 27:1 L/D. The extruder was equipped with Brabender gravimetric weigh feeders, vacuum vent and a side stuffer. It became immediately evident that a dramatic change in color occurred. The formula with Vitrolite changed color, from burgundy to a reddish color. The laboratory evaluation was conducted to evaluate dispersion and color development. The laboratory evaluation consisted of molding color chips and blown film for color measurement and dispersion evaluation.

The results clearly indicated an improved dispersion of pigments. It was decided to rerun the trial with a 50% reduction of the yellow organic pigment in the same formulation in which Vitrolite concentration remained at 0.5%.

The results of the compounding trial were that the adjusted formula matched the original Burgundy standard color.


The weight was reduced 10%, one organic pigment was reduced by 50%, the blowing agent – KibbeChem F07 – was reduced by 50%, the line speed remained the same with 20% reduction in motor torque but with 100 RPMs more running qualily product.